Managed Print Solutions

Solving your printing needs and managing your documents

At Assett we help our valued customers reach their full business potential by developing complete technology and services packages which align specifically with their business goals and objectives.

Assett provides the highest quality printing systems through our extensive MFD (Multi-Function Device) and printer/copier range.

Our range boasts the latest in cutting-edge technology, productivity-boosting options and industry-leading security features. We provide the highest quality printing systems supported by highly skilled staff and specialised managed print services.

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Every Assett device comes with our award-winning supply, management and maintenance service. Our customers don’t have to waste time worrying about their device running out of toner or breaking down. We manage the machine so customers can get on with running their business.

Assett offers the very latest in document solutions with software packages designed to increase efficiency in the workplace. Our software can automate tasks, increase workflow, reduce storage space and costs, securely allow for document processes through the cloud and improve the maintenance of documents.

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Save 10% of device rental

Print Solutions

Assett understands that every business has different printing demands. We ensure those demands are met by tailoring the needs of our customers with the right device from Sharp’s extensive MFD and copier/printer range. Assett caters for the needs of businesses of all sizes, including the corporate and government sector.

Document Solutions

Assett’s software solutions will help cut printing costs and reduce the time and effort highly-paid staff spend on print and document tasks. Our specialised software solutions are designed to increase efficiency in every workplace.