Managed IT Services

As technology evolves and advances, more business tasks and processes can be simplified or automated which is great … when it works.

As technology advances so too does its complexity and that means more specialised and skilled professionals are required to configure and maintain systems. Without an IT team, you will face constant downtime and unreliability.

Managed IT services ensure that you’ve got the hardware and software you need, that it’s proactively maintained, that licenses are up-to-date and that the system is monitored 24/7. Managed IT is a great strategy for companies that want the peace of mind knowing their systems are sound.

Managed Print Services

Managed print is about integrating the right combination of hardware and software in order to help you save money, time and resources. A properly executed Managed Print Services agreement allows our customers to uncover money they didn’t even know they were wasting!

Here are a few of the indicators of an organization in need of a structured managed print process:

  • Reams of wasted paper laying in printers and recycling bins
  • Add hoc purchase of toner & service
  • Underutilized or Over utilised inefficient printers
  • Documents should be B&W but are printed in full color
  • Over supply of printers

Assett will help you resolve these and other issues related to print. Our specialists help businesses improve print workflow efficiencies, reduce waste for a greener office and save up to 35% on printing costs.


What We Do!

Step 1: Assessment

Using device management tools, we’ll analyze your print output equipment to determine how it’s used, how its supplies are stocked and how much life it has left. We’ll then assess your purchasing process and cultivate a plan that will help you see the best results possible.

Step 2: Implementation

Using best-in-class software that integrates with your current systems, we’ll implement rules and processes that will help you use fewer devices, less energy and less paper. Then, we’ll provide training and access to our full-service Technical Support Center. And of course, we’ll provide you efficient delivery of toner and supplies to eliminate excess and obsolete stock.

 Step 3: Account Management & Review

Just because our solutions had a big impact doesn’t mean we’re finished. In our  account management & review process we will frequently look at the performance of your managed print program and make sure that its aligned to your print goals and objectives.

As part of your managed print strategy, we’ll help you:

  • Recycle your print cartridges to keep landfills free and costs down
  • Establish rules-based printing to reduce unnecessary paper use and ensure that the right device is being used for the right job
  • Encourage duplex printing
  • Reduce power usage by ensuring machines are being used properly and that unneeded ones are recycled
  • Transition to enterprise content management which turns costly, insecure paper files into electronic files, decreasing paper usage while increasing workflow efficiency