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Document Solutions

Document solutions are the software side of your print requirements and with the right package, Assett can save your business time and money.

Your business will benefit from reduced printing costs and your highly-paid staff will no longer need to spend time and effort organising your print and document tasks.

Our specialised software solutions are designed to increase efficiency in the workplace. These solutions can:

  • Automate manual handling tasks
  • Improve the workflow of documents through your business
  • Reduce storage space and costs of maintaining archived files
  • Securely allow for document processes through the cloud
  • Manage compliance documents securely
  • Find and manage documents quickly and easily, using simple search words
  • Control and reduce paper usage and wastage
  • Save time managing paper and control print costs
  • Electronically manage documents for easy collaboration between staff
  • Manage Records
  • Create forms

Our business process team will work with you to organise and streamline your document management. A simple 30-minute consultation will allow our team to analyse your requirements and offer software suggestions to improve efficiency and cut costs for your business.

Call Assett today on 1300 95 01 02 to make an appointment and let our team solve all of your document needs.

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