How Classrooms Benefit From Interactive Whiteboards

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Interactive whiteboards are replacing traditional projectors in classrooms. This new piece of technology is combining whiteboards, projectors, chalkboards, and other classroom activities. An interactive whiteboard integrates technology into the learning environment, displaying a large digital screen in place of a whiteboard. These digital screens can be controlled through your computer, and are also touch screen for more interactive learning.

Some of the benefits of installing an interactive smartboard in the classroom include:

Greater Student Engagement

  • Features of interactive whiteboards include educational games, question and answer sessions, group problem solving, and learning exercises. By making the learning process more enjoyable, these interactive features keep students engaged for longer periods of time.

Internet Connectivity

  • As interactive whiteboards are connected to the internet, teachers have limitless access to resources for their lessons. The internet provides an endless selection of videos, content, lessons, games, programs, and more.

Technology Integration

  • As technology has become more prominent in the classroom, interactive whiteboards are able to connect with student devices allowing for a completely integrated classroom. Teachers are also able to connect their own computers, cameras, and other devices to benefit the learning environment.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Interactive whiteboards reduce the need for paper in the classroom, decreasing overall paper and ink wastage.

Reduced Costs

  • As well as saving costs of printing and copying, interactive whiteboards also eliminate the need for whiteboard markets, magnets, and other whiteboard accessories. The digitised learning environment saves costs in these areas, and also benefits student learning as they are not reliant on external accessories.

Adapted from TeachHub and Whiteboards and Pinboards

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