The Secret Behind Successful Companies

The Secret Behind Successful Companies

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Professionally Managed Services

Today, more and more companies are adopting managed services strategies to ensure that they are staying relevant and up to date in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape. A successful managed services program allows you to outsource the responsibility of maintaining your company’s technology requirements. As your business evolves, the technology requirements for your business will need to evolve to maintain efficiency.

An effective managed service solution needs to be a high priority for your business to ensure your systems are functioning effectively. In-house support is costly and not realistic for small-medium businesses. Assett Professional Services can provide managed services to support your business at a cost-effective rate.

Here at Assett, we manage the ongoing maintenance of your IT infrastructure, printer and copier services, unified telecommunications, and more. By outsourcing this responsibility to us, you can focus your company’s time on reaching your business goals and objectives.

Assett has a clearly defined roadmap to guide you on the path to managed services.

Step One: Confirmation of Business Goals and Objectives

We will meet with you to develop an understanding of your business goals and objectives. Including an initial audit of your current technology infrastructure, current costs supporting that infrastructure. 

Step Two: Reporting

We will provide a comprehensive report of the findings in the initial audit process. Included in this report will be a full recommendation report including pricing and strategies.

Step Three: Implementation

Once we have developed a plan that best suits your company’s needs, we will implement this plan within your business. This will include the introduction of new technology, strategies, and procedures. 

Step Four: Ongoing Account Management and Review

As managed service providers, we will manage the ongoing service of your hardware and software. This will include supplying toner, maintenance, support requests, and upgrades when necessary. We will also check in with you to ensure that we are reaching the goals established in step one.

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