The Possibilities of Metal 3D Printing

The Possibilities of Metal 3D Printing

Metal 3D printing services are providing new opportunities for businesses everywhere. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, worldwide lockdowns have caused global supply shortages and made it difficult for businesses to order the necessary parts for their production chain. By utilising metal 3D printing, businesses have been able to reduce their costs of manufacturing and get products to market faster than ever before.

How Does Metal 3D Printing Work?

“Direct Metal Printing uses additive manufacturing technology. In the machine, a high-precision laser is directed to metal powder particles in order to selectively build up thin subsequent horizontal metal layers. The metal powder particles pinpointed by the laser quickly and fully melt so that the new material properly attaches to the previous layer, without glue or binder liquid. Parts can be made in a variety of metals that are fully dense and fully usable. 3D Metal Printers print anything from prototypes to larger production series of up to 20,000 units.”

- From Konica Minolta

To read more about the benefits metal 3D printing could provide for your business, click here.

Watch our interview with Konica Minolta about metal 3D printing below.

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