3D Print

What is 3D Print?

3D printing is the manufacture of 3-dimensional objects from a digital file. This allows you to design and print custom objects that are specifically tailored for your business and development process. Traditionally, this process has only been able to print items in plastic materials.

However, 3D printing technologies have recently developed to allow for metal 3D printing, using metal powders to form custom parts out of materials such as steel, superalloys, titanium, copper, and aluminium. 3D Metal Printers are able to print anything from prototypes to larger production series of up to 20,000 units.

With Metal 3D Printing, the Possibilities are Endless

Reduce Costs of Manufacturing

Typically, manufacturing requires skilled labour, a range of machinery, and custom tools. With a 3D metal printer, these are not needed, reducing the overall costs of manufacturing.

Get Products to Market Faster

By localising production, you can shorten development cycles and get products to market faster than ever before, maximising revenue for your business.


Reduce Waste

Metal 3D printing uses only the required material to create the part. On top of this, leftover metal powders can be reused in future products.

Produce Lighter Parts

Design freedom and part consolidation allows you to produce lightweight parts.

Manufacture Parts Without Custom Tools

Custom tooling is not needed to run a metal 3D printer, regardless of the parts printed. This reduces overhead costs associated with manufacturing and produces low-volume parts more quickly and affordably.

A Distinct Point of Difference From Your Competitors

Stand out from the crowd! A 3D metal printer will not only benefit your business, but also give you a competitive edge against your competitors.