POS Software Retailers love to use.

POS software retailers love to use.

Assett Provides Vend as a full solution, not only can we get you going with the software but we can also provide you with all the hardware you need and provide on-site face to face support.

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Vend is beautiful, modern and easy to use Point of Sale software, built on the latest technology. Vend is fast, responsive and easily customized. Assett provides vend as a full solution, not only can we get you going with the software, but we also provide you with all the hardware you need and onsite face-to-face support.

Grow your business. Wherever, whenever, however.

You have a million things to worry about without adding POS to the list. Vend has taken all the hassle of POS software and taken it to the cloud. Giving you time to do what you do best – run your business.

From the cloud you can access all your information instantly, anywhere. Sign in to view powerful sales, inventory and profit reports, in real time. Track mark-up and margins. Automatically re-order low stock. Tag products & easily see your best sellers. Track customer purchases and set staff targets.

Vend also runs offline – because it’s important to keep the store running even when the internet isn’t, it syncs your sales online once you’re reconnected. Easy!

Take the ‘hard’ out of hardware

Assett has developed its own program to cover the supply of all required hardware, including your secure iPad stand, cash drawer, printers & barcode scanner. We tailor all our solutions to fit our customers’ requirements.

Solution runs as a monthly Subscription. No lock in contracts.

Call us now on 02 4228 4000 to arrange a free demonstration.

Why choose Vend?

Cloud  Based Sign in and work from anywhere, always safe & up to date

Works OfflineAutomatically re-syncs when back online

Works on Any Device Works on iPad, Mac & PC

Integrates with a range of add-ons Including Xero, Tyro & Shopify

Powerful Inventory Management Simply purchase orders, transfers & stocktakes

Customer Loyalty Program Fast, flexible & easy to use

Dashboard ReportingInstant snapshot of your sales - where ever you are

Easy to useVery user friendly - intuitive to operate with little training.

Onsite Expert Assistance

Assett is proud to be on Vend’s worldwide network, we are here to help you get the hardware, training or custom solution your business needs.