Why do you need a POS System?


Point Of Sale (POS) is an integral part of every successful business. When used correctly it can be invaluable, generating reports and giving you more control over your business. Every customer and every dollar your business makes goes through your Point Of Sale, so having a good system should be a priority.

Technology is changing and it’s having a huge impact on businesses across all industries. It’s also making people’s lives easier. The basic cash register is a thing of the past - POS systems are not only easier to use but can also:

  • Take care of stocktake
  • Perform inventory management
  • Process a large range of reports and graphs
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Manage your customer database
  • Integrate with 3rd party accounting, membership, reservation, e-commerce and other software that your business may already be using


The time you will save by not doing things manually will literally pay for the new system. It also makes it so much easier when you want to add or change items and prices. It’s time to upgrade from that old cash register and start making the most out of your business.

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    Why choose Assett Professional Services?

    Point Of Sale is never a “one size fits all” solution, which is why we at Assett have partnered with a range of leading hardware and software suppliers to ensure you are purchasing a POS system that will perfectly meet your specific needs. We work face-to-face with our clients and the first discussion we have is to determine the needs of your business, talk about your current sales process and then determine what is really going to work for you, because we understand that every business is different.

    We will put together a solution focusing on quality and affordability that will not only meet all your needs now but also provide high levels of flexibility for the future. We assist you every step of the way – our packages include programming, setup, installation and staff training.

    Don’t be scared of the price tag – complete systems for small businesses start from just $100 per month.
    (That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!)


    So why wait? Give us a call on 1300 95 01 02 to arrange your obligation-free discussion on how a new POS system could improve your business.

    Clubs & Hotels

    For clubs and hotels our features include:

    • Bar tabs
    • Automatic happy hour
    • Gaming interface
    • Hold print Bistro ordering
    • EFTPOS integration
    • Customer loyalty
    • Scheduled reports and stock control


    For cafes our features include:

    • Table map
    • Order numbers
    • Customer rewards and promotions
    • Hold print
    • Handheld ordering mobile app
    • Kitchen printing
    • Online ordering


    For restaurants our features include:

    • Table map
    • Item alert levels
    • EFTPOS integration
    • Employee log
    • Handheld ordering
    • Kitchen printing
    • MYOB accounting interface
    • Scheduled reports and stock control


    For retail our features include:

    • Gift vouchers
    • Barcode scanning & label printing
    • Laybys
    • Credit notes/exchanges
    • Advertising signs
    • EFTPOS integration
    • Customer loyalty
    • Scheduled reports and stock control