IT Solutions

Professional IT Support With a ‘Customer First’ Attitude

We are experienced in providing managed IT services and support to businesses throughout Sydney and the Illawarra. As a company, we pride ourselves in putting our customers at the forefront of everything that we do. Our indepth understanding of your business, your processes, and goals plays a vital role in building a strong relationship with you and your staff. We can then ensure that your systems will be up to your requirements and assist with planning for the future of your company. With Assett managing your IT services, you can leave everything to us and focus on acheiving your company’s main objectives.

Managed Services

It is vital for your company’s operations for you and your staff to be able to pick up the phone and speak immediately to someone that can assist with any issues as though they were your own in house IT department. Our managed services are designed to be able to provide our clients with a predictable, reliable IT operating environment in which they can work. By scheduling regular proactive systems maintenance, along with security updates and patches, anti virus, backups, etc., we are able to take responsibility of your IT systems to give you full peace of mind.


Australian companies are being cyber attacked on a daily basis by overseas hackers that are intent on breaking into your systems to steal data or to create other mayhem. We have proven results in helping you to be able to identify, address, and prevent local environment risks. We will work together with your company to combine cybersecurity, incident response, and business continuity to build your cyber resilience.


Hardware & Software

We are partnered with some of the world’s leading hardware & software manufacturers and suppliers and so we can provide you with the correct IT equipment that best suits your company’s needs. From servers to workstations, laptops or software, we can source and procure what you need at some of the cheapest local prices.

Servers & Networking

Your network connects you and your staff to the rest of the world and is a vital component of the smooth operation of your business. This is why it necessary to have an up-to-date system, network infrastructure, and with security that meets your needs and requirements while keeping you protected from external threats.

What is your company’s attitude towards technology? Where would you like it to be?