Point Of Sale solutions for clubs and hotels

At Assett we provide quality Point Of Sale (POS) solutions specifically tailored to each industry. For clubs and hotels our POS features include:

  • Bar tabs
  • Automatic happy hour
  • Gaming interface
  • Hold print bistro ordering
  • EFTPOS integration
  • Customer loyalty
  • Scheduled reports and stock control

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EFTPOS Intergration

Idealpos supports almost all major interfaces to EFTPOS terminals in Australia. When you connect your EFTPOS devices to your Point Of Sale system, you eliminate a step where operator error could occur, as well as making processing electronic payments easier for your staff.

The EFTPOS machine will connect to the bank and return an approval response if the transaction is successful. This means that your staff can finalise the sale with the click of a button.

Hold Print Bistro Ordering

The hold print function can be used when a group of people at the same table want to order and pay for their meals individually. The clerk operating the POS terminal can use the hold print function to prevent the order being sent to the kitchen printer or kitchen monitor until the last person has ordered their meal.

You can view and check the details of the order at any time. When everything is exactly as the customer wants, you can finalize and pay for the item and a single docket will be printed to the kitchen. This enables your kitchen staff to easily send out all meals to the table at the same time.

Gaming Interface

Idealpos has an interface for at least seven different gaming machine servers to offer you a broad range of choices you can offer your members. The customer’s details remain in the gaming server to keep control of their membership level. This in turn can be used within Idealpos for membership tiering offering more benefits.

When customers buy items from the bar or restaurant, or use the poker machines, all points will be shared and saved to the customer’s account. Points can be used for purchases at the bar or however you want them used through the gaming server.

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Automatic Happy Hour

You can easily create a special price schedule, or multiples of, to give your customers specials throughout the day which repeat each week for a week, a day or only an hour.

You are able to limit which customers can receive the specials or which POS terminals host the specials.

Bar Tabs

Bar tabs give your customers freedom by allowing them to purchase items from the bar, enter multiple transactions quickly and finalise the sale when they are done.

Bar tabs have many advantages over processing a sale for every transaction, the most beneficial of which is saving time. Less time processing transactions will mean more time serving customers. Most customers who open a bar tab will also have a higher spend rate, increasing your profitability.

Configurable POS screen

You can customise your screen as much as possible to allow for fast and efficient service. Images on the buttons represent different products, making it easy for new staff to quickly identify the item they are looking for.

Idealpos also allows the quick programming of the POS screen, even during the middle of a sale if required, to make sure you are able to perfect your system in any situation.

Scheduled Reports and Stock Control

Our POS solutions allow you to schedule reports to be printed or emailed at specific dates and times. These reports are highly customisable and easy to use. Financial data, product sales, hourly sales, trend reports and stock reports are just some of the reports available to you with our system. Idealpos can also interface with an online reporting system to provide up-to-date key performance indicators across any number of sites.

Stock control is available as standard in the Idealpos system. The stock control feature allows you to manage the inventory of stock including write-offs and stock transfers, generate purchase orders and set recommendations for re-order levels. To assist with this, Idealpos can also support an iPhone or iPad app that allows you mobile stock management tools.

Customer Loyalty

Apart from gaming integration, our Idealpos system includes a range of customer loyalty features that can be customised to suit your requirements. These loyalty features can be set to apply only to certain patrons or members in your club. You are also able to configure which of your POS terminals will host the features.

  • Promotion
  • Jackpot function
  • Customer type incentives
  • Raffles function
  • Coupon promotion
  • Customer reward promotions
  • Customer loyalty system