Point Of Sale solutions for cafes

At Assett we provide quality Point Of Sale (POS) solutions specifically tailored to each industry. For cafés we understand that service needs to be easy, fast and reliable. Our Idealpos systems takes pressure off your staff and helps provide a better experience for your customers. Our POS systems offers features including:

  • Table map
  • Order numbers
  • Customer rewards and promotions
  • Hold print
  • Handheld ordering mobile app
  • Kitchen printing
  • Online ordering

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Table Map

The graphical table map is so flexible that you can upload your floor layout to be represented on screen. Staff can easily align themselves to their sections and new staff can quickly grasp where tables are located to help their service speed.

Tables can be many shapes and sizes depending on your requirements and numbered according to your choice. Any amount of covers can be set for the tables to be selected by default when seated, but can also easily be changed.

Coloured indicators on the table show the location of staff members at a glance, as well as the current table status. The iPad app handheld ordering is also capable of displaying this map which helps increase service speed.

Handheld Ordering App

To help make the most of your service times and staff efficiency, Idealpos has a mobile app that allows staff to take orders on a compatible iPhone or iPad.

Table status indicators will display on the app so staff no longer need to be near a POS terminal to see how each table is travelling. It is also easier to build items in the app itself using the tabs and grids that are already programmed into many databases instead of needing to use menus.

The iPad version of the app will go a step further and allow you to view the entire graphical table layout. You can also set the app to customer ordering which will set the display to allow the customer to take the device and enter their own order, freeing up your staff to perform other tasks.

Kitchen Printing

You can save staff the hassle of walking from the table or terminal to the kitchen to deliver an order, with kitchen printing making the trip for you. The chef will no longer waste time trying to understand the scrawls of frazzled floor members. Each order will be clearly printed and can be on duplicate dockets. Why not use handheld ordering and save the staff even walking to a terminal?

The Idealpos system has the ability to print to many printers at the same time, separating a single order automatically into the different sections where dockets may be required. In a café setting this is usually the kitchen and the coffee machine. Other venues may have a cake dispensary or dessert bar.

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Online Ordering

Do you want your customers to be able to order ahead to save them time when they get to your venue? Assett’s Idealpos solutions can handle that scenario.
Using an Idealpos module called WebIT, you can take orders a number of ways using various online portals. Customers simply place their order, you will receive it on your POS and can make it when required.

We also link to third-party app makers such as Mobi-2-Go who streamline this process even further.

Hold Print

The hold print function can be used when a group of people at the same table want to order and pay for their meals individually. The clerk operating the POS terminal can use the hold print function to prevent the order being sent to the kitchen printer or kitchen monitor until the last person has ordered their meal.

You can view and check the details of the order at any time. When everything is exactly as the customer wants, you can finalize and pay for the item and a single docket will be printed to the kitchen. This enables your kitchen staff to easily send out all meals to the table at the same time

Customer Rewards

You can add customers and link them with a code, name or barcode, allowing rewards to be tracked and stored in the Idealpos database.

Each time they buy a coffee you can let them know how many more they need to buy before a free one is available. When the customer is due for a free order, the POS system will prompt you to ask if they wish to redeem it. Redemptions will accumulate and can be used within the one sale.

Order Numbers

Order numbers give your café the flexibility to assign customers a number to deliver food and drinks and then re-use that number later in the day.

Order numbers can be controlled with POSServer to stop them being used on multiple tables and can be assigned consecutively or used with your own custom number system.